With the new version of android, of course there are a few new features added and there is no previous version of android. What the hell is the latest feature from android oreo?

What are the interesting feature of Android 8.0 Oreo?

1.New Emoji
Google has redesigned the emoji, emoji oreo's android on this version will look more cartoonish than with previous versions of android.

2.Picture in Picture (PiP)
In this feature, you can do video call while watching the video in your browser, how to use the Picture in Picture (PiP) this is easy i.e. by simply clicking the home button at the time of the video has played.

3.Notification Dots
Notification of this is the point of small Dots that will appear above the small point of the application, this serves as notification when we receive notification of unread in the apps.

4.Smart Text Selection
This feature can make it easy to do a copy-paste, you do not have to bother anymore to block a text word per word, as this feature will recognize the phrase and the context of the text.

AutoFill previously only found in the application chrome, but version of the oreo, you can use this feature for many applications, the function of the autofill own store account data such as emails and passwords, so you don't have to bother to Enter the social media account data on the application again!

In addition to several features pre-eminent above, there is still a lot of other features that you can see on the official website of oreo's android here http://android.com/versions/oreo-8-0/

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